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Camp Week to Attend

Week 1 - June 23-28 | Week 2 - July 21-26

Camp Fees

There will be no sibling discounts this year, all campers will need to pay the full amount.

The full camper fee is $80 but a non-refundable pre-registration fee of $30 is required along with this form to consider the registration process complete. If you have not paid in full before the first day of camp, then the remaining amount will be required during check-in before camp begins.

This year we are trying out a form of digital payment in addition to cash and checks. We will be accepting Venmo to Venmo only payments to avoid extra charges. The QR codes that are below should be scanned with a regular QR code reader. The QR code will then launch the Venmo app and preload the needed information for you. Depending on the code you scan, $30 or $80 will be entered for the payment amount. If the registration is for multiple campers, you can adjust the amount as needed. The notes section will be prefilled with CGNS-PreReg or CGNS-FullReg depending on which code you scan. With any payment through Venmo, please do not mark it as “Goods or Services”.

!IMPORTANT! : In the notes section of Venmo, please put the camper(s) name so we know who it is for.

Even though there is an online form submission, you will still need to send a payment to complete the preregistration to hold your child’s spot. You can use the QR codes for Venmo or you can send cash or a check to our address located on the contacts page under the heading “Registration Mailing Address”.

Pre-Registration Fee: $30

Full Registration Fee: $80

By pressing the "Submit" button, I hereby assign and grant Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc., its subsidiaries and successors, and assign the unqualified right to to the ownership, use and proceeds of all photographs of my child, without reservation or limitation, including use of photographs of my child for advertising and promotional purposes.

Information submitted on this page is stamped to a PDF which is moved off this server to a secure location for processing and is not available for download. If you would like to download the form, fill it out and mail it back to us, you may do so by clicking on the link below.
2024 Camper Registration.pdf
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